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Our diverse areas of expertise are designed to fit the changing needs of your project



Advantage Capital Group assists land-owners and developers in achieving the best conventional lending terms available in the market. Through the group's strong relationships with all major banks and institutions, Advantage Capital ensures it’s clients achieve not only the best possible pricing in the market, but the best overall terms relative to the given project and borrower profile. 


Given Advantage Capital Group’s expertise in both the debt and equity side of the real estate capital stack, the team has a close pulse on the construction market. The team have a strong understanding of market development costs and revenues for a given project and look to leverage this expertise in sourcing construction financing for our clients. Through taking this holistic approach in sourcing construction financing, Advantage capital ensures developers receive the most competitive money in the market.


Whether our clients are looking for equity-takeout facilities and/or are looking for better conventional financing terms, Advantage Capital Group specializes in arranging the most competitive term money in the market. By having a thorough understanding of primary and institutional lenders lending criteria, Advantage Capital Group prepares tailored financing proposals which ensure the most efficient capital for our clients.  



On behalf of a select group of ultra-high net worth investors, Advantage Capital Group places private debt secured by 1st and or 2nd position mortgage charges on commercial property. Advantage Capital provides annual returns at a minimum of 7% for 1st mortgage investments and can move from term sheet to commitment letter within a week for qualified opportunities. By having capital “in-house”, the team is better able to serve their clients with the ability to provide financing when conventional or institutional lenders are not suitable.


Advantage Capital invests equity on behalf of a select group of ultra-high net worth investors. Through fully servicing the capital markets and debt side of the real estate capital stack, Advantage Capital has a thorough understanding of the equity space. Advantage Capital seeks to act as the sole Limited Partner (“LP”) investor in commercial and mid-rise residential development across Canada. Advantage Capital seeks to invest in projects which result in a minimum of an 18% - 22% annual return on equity with projects ranging from 3 – 4 years. Advantage Capital seeks to invest with Canada’s premier real estate developers across multiple asset classes.


Advantage Capital Group have expertise in sourcing and developing structured debt solutions for our clients. Such solutions provide our clients with higher leveraged capital stack, thus minimizing higher-cost equity, which blends senior and subordinate debt creating an overall efficient cost of capital for our clients.

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